Thursday, 3 March 2011

Slight depression...

My recent adjustment really seemed to help - I mean, it still hurt like hell, but I was on less oramorph and maybe even only four fent lollipops - but it was distinctly better. However it is getting progressively worse again, which is odd and not easy to understand. As I have understood it before, my surgeon intimated that once you find a combination of tweeks that work, they work forever - this does not seem to be my experience of it, I have several times had a good adjustment and then it gets worse again! Its all a bit like baseball bats.

Otherwise life is quietly trotting on - not being that well right now means that the horses just stand in the field - I do a bit of clicker training with them and do get them in when they need it to have potions applied. Jenni comes every few weeks and we do great things and I feel inspired for about 24 hours and then it goes into the too hard to do today box again which really makes me sad. My cross stitching is going mad - I have so many things ready to start its quite an excitement.

I wonder sometimes if I am stacking them up so I have something to carry on for. Very morbid thought, but the future is less spikey if its in terms of cross stitch projects!!!

One of these days I'll do a blog on my cross stitches :)

Niki xxxx

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  1. Hi Niki. My name is Joy (Philippines). I Googled the name of a cross stitch store that I was looking for. The search led me to the blog of Toni where I read that you have been looking for the pattern of horses whose picture was posted in the blog.

    I happen to have a similar pattern - it's called Eight Lucky Horses. Let me know if you're interested and I can mail it to you. You may reach me through